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We are the only public law library in the County of Riverside.  Our mission is to enable everyone in Riverside County to perform the highest level of research and practice through free and open access to the law.

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Category: Current Events

Do you own a Fitbit?  For those who are unfamiliar, is a physical activity device that records your physical condition, how many miles you walked, your blood pressure and other personal stuff like that. Now supposed you were in an accident suing for millions saying that you couldn’t work or get out of bed.  Imagine, then, if opposing counsel were to serve you with a subpoena demanding that you turn your Fitbit over for examination (to prove that you, are in fact, unable to move around).  Think …
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    Come in and check out this week's What is it? Wednesday to start planning for your retirement. https://t.co/bd6HBktfZW via @rclawlib
  • Written about 11 days ago
    Join us for an informative talk on basic estate planning at the Temecula Law Resource Center on 7/28 from 12 - 1 PM! https://t.co/TPDf6j4z1T via @rclawlib
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    Come in and check out this week's What is it? Wednesday to learn how to create a will without expensive lawyer fees! https://t.co/g1VvcqYxY7 via @rclawlib