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We are the only public law library in the County of Riverside.  Our mission is to enable everyone in Riverside County to perform the highest level of research and practice through free and open access to the law.

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LR-101 - Public
Victor Miceli Law Library
Feb 09th 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
This legal research class will be held at the Vict.....

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Taffy Pull

Jan 28, 2016
Category: Legal Commentary

In today's news is the story of a guy whom the Feds really wanted to nail to the proverbial wall.  See, once upon a time Dennis Mahon of the White Aryan Resistance of Arizona planted a pipe bomb at an office in Scottsdale, Arizona.  Not just any office, mind you.  No, this office was a "Diversity" office.  What in blazes is a "Diversity" office?  Well, as it turns out it was Scottsdale's answer to bringing in tourism to its fair city.  Just so we're clear, as the definition of diversity goes, th…
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  • Written about 3 days ago
    Come in and check out this week's What is it? Wednesday to understand the sentencing of California crimes! https://t.co/Ichro6ugOL via @rclawlib
  • Written about 8 days ago
    Our Temecula location is hosting a law event on evictions/unlawful detainer next Thursday, February 4th https://t.co/WA4KtLgFTY via @rclawlib
  • Written about 10 days ago
    Come in and check out this week's What is it? Wednesday to better understand California's three strikes laws! https://t.co/KiUYU2Dopd via @rclawlib