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We are the only public law library in the County of Riverside.  Our mission is to enable everyone in Riverside County to perform the highest level of research and practice through free and open access to the law.

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See the trees

Oct 16, 2014
Category: Miscellaneous

What scares you?  Horror movies?  Scary stories around a camp fire?  Those viral videos where the screen is picturesque and then a scary face pops up (I sent one to my boss and she swore vengeance upon my soul)?  Turns out people are equally terrified of law libraries.  Well, not the building, per se, but having to do research in the building.  Good thing your friendly neighborhood law Librarian is waiting there to help you see the forest for the trees (or, in this case, find the resources you n…
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  • Written about 4 days ago
    See the trees on the blog today! http://t.co/fcpbPdzXLh Using your law librarian to your advantage #eviction via @rclawlib
  • Written about 6 days ago
    Are you an inventor? Look at this What is it? Wednesday title to learn about how you can patent your ideas yourself! http://t.co/8d8f6vpMjm via @rclawlib
  • Written about 7 days ago
    What can law libraries do for you? http://t.co/CbmVCIxHdz via @rclawlib