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Water Works

Aug 13, 2014
Category: Current Events

Every morning on my way to work, I drive past the multitude of manicured green lawns with plants and trees that are not native to the desert climate of the Coachella Valley.  Often the sight of this lush greenness is accompanied by the sight of water sprinklers which water not only the plants, grass and trees but also the sidewalk, cement and sometimes the road. The sight angers residents of the Coachella Valley not only because it is so wasteful but that this waste goes unchecked while the sta…
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  • Written about 7 days ago
    Latest on the blog: Water Works (if you let it) http://t.co/TVmOuSeWU1 via @sharethis via @rclawlib
  • Written about 9 days ago
    Tomorrow join us for a research class on legislative intent in CA! http://t.co/6NG6yoVXkr via @rclawlib
  • Written about 9 days ago
    You've heard of "no means no" but what about "yes means yes" CA debates issues of consent in sexual assault...http://t.co/QgFd1yFMjn via @rclawlib