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Barking Dogs

Sep 14, 2017
Category: Legal Research

One year, a neighbor’s dog kept jumping over the fence onto my backyard. Normally, I would not be upset because who does not love dogs? The problem was my tied-up Rottweiler, Roscoe, grew frustrated of this German Shepard going over to fight him and eat his food. I am not a morning person either so waking up to BARKING DOGS at three in the MORNING was very irritating. Don’t mess with me when I am hungry or sleeping! By now you are probably thinking, how does this dog business relate to the law.…
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Tags : Law, neighbor



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  • Written about 11 hours ago
    What do you do when your neighbor's dog barks too much? Check our latest blog post for help. https://t.co/d6tUP5T7T8 via @rclawlib
  • Written about 4 days ago
    We will be celebrating National Pro Bono Week. Every location will have a free legal clinic. Please contact us for… https://t.co/7zebhbQiZT via @rclawlib
  • Written about 4 days ago
    The Law Library will be hosting immigration programs at all three locations. Check out our event brite page to RSVP… https://t.co/yui2wuzJxo via @rclawlib