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You Gotta See This

Not just another arbor (tree) law book. Here you can read about the codes related to forestry law. If nothing else, it's a great read and can easily put your kids to sleep at night.
The other day I had a guy come into the library.  A bit confused by all the thick books, he asks me if we (the law library) has any books about ships or shipping.  Thinking a bit …

Freedom only goes so far

People need to respect other people's rights including the right to be left alone. You're rights may not (or should not) infringe upon another's right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
Rarely do things in the legal world surprise me, anymore.  Disbelief, maybe, but not surprise.  Take, for instance the case of U.S. v. Osinger.  Seems Mr. Osinger and the love of …

Free and Open Access to the Law

The mission of the Riverside County Law Library is to “enable everyone in Riverside County to perform the highest level of research and practice through free and open access to the law.”
The mission of the Riverside County Law Library is to “enable everyone in Riverside County to perform the highest level of research and practice through free and open access to th…

Betamax Revisited

A brief summary of the Aereo case
Chances are you’ve never heard of Aereo.  They’re a startup company from the East Coast that wants to change the way you watch television.  Aereo’s business model is simple and so…

It's All About Customer Service...

Did you know that Riverside is the 4th largest county in California and may someday be the 2nd largest county in the state of California? I just heard an inspiring message from Jay Orr, the Chief Executive Officer of Riverside County detailing the fact t…
Did you know that Riverside is the 4th largest county in California and may someday be the 2nd largest county in the state of California?  I just heard an inspiring message from J…