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Welcome 2019!

Introduction to our new Legal Reference & Instruction Librarian.
If you haven’t had the opportunity in a while, come down and visit our law library to meet some new and friendly faces (specifically my own). As your new Legal Reference and Instr…

Technology Competency in Legal Practice

As much as it might be true that the legal field was slow to accept technology, I think it’s equally true that now we are working hard to make up for lost time. From the use of Artificial Intelligence to conduct legal research to chatbots that help fight…
For the record, I am not a technophobe, but I sometimes feel like a technosaur.  That feeling is not uncommon in the legal field.  Until a couple of years ago, most articles about…

Everything you need in one place

The Riverside County Law Library has everything you need to help you research the laws of California including both print and online versions of the California Codes.
At the Riverside County Law Library, we try to provide help to every patron who comes through our door. Occasionally, we also receive questions from the public over the phone. The…

Librarians know it all

Sometimes it may seem like your local county law librarian is wandering aimlessly around the stacks but know that what we're doing is looking and thinking about what you need or just asked us about so that you don't have to look dazed and confused.
Have you ever had the experience where you find yourself standing somewhere and you can't remember why you're standing there?  See, the other day, I was helping no less than 8 peo…

The Internet is a Trap

While the Internet is a great research tool full of free and easy to locate stuff, when you absolutely, positively need something of value, odds are the only place you'll find it is at your local county law library
A problem with the Internet age is that people seem to think that if they didn't find it on the Internet, it's not worth using.   More to the point, if they can't find it on Goo…