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Why celebrate National Library Week?

Mar 27, 2015

ALA_NLW15_logo.jpgOnce a year libraries throughout the nation celebrate National Library Week and bring awareness to the contributions of all libraries and library workers. In 1954, a National Book Committee was formed by the American Library Association (ALA) and the American Book Publishers in response to a growing concern that Americans were less invested in reading than radios, television, and musical instruments. From this committee, with help from ALA and the Advertising Council, National Library Week was born. In 1958 the first National Library week was celebrated with the theme, “Wake Up and Read!” 

This year’s theme is Unlimited Possibilities @your library: “Libraries allow you to explore a world of unlimited possibilities through innovative STEAM programing, makerspaces, job-seeking resources and the power of reading. No matter who you are the library has something for you, with a trained specialist to set you on the path to adventure and discovery— a librarian. Visit your library today, and unlock your unlimited potential!” 

How have libraries helped you? We have seen people use our library to win custody of their children, stop an unlawful eviction, recover earnings lost from unlawful terminations, and accomplish much more. Often we hear a very heartfelt thank you or expression of gratitude from a patron who used the library to help their legal battle that seemed almost impossible. Daily, libraries of all types and sizes offer invaluable resources to their communities and this is your chance to celebrate them!   

Join us Monday April 13, 2015 through Friday April 17, 2015 as we celebrate National Library Week 

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