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Get Help Resolving Your IRS Issue!

Jul 13, 2015


Resolving IRS disputes can be quite the undertaking. Take advantage of the free low income taxpayer assistance provided to you! The Public Service Law Corporation- Riverside Legal Aid, Legal Aid Society of Orange County, and our library have joined to bring you help through taxpayer clinics. Attend one of the clinics in Riverside County. The clinics will be held 10 a.m. - Noon on Monday, July 13 in Riverside and Monday, August 17 in Indio. See what the Legal Aid Society of Orange County has to say about the clinics:

What will the taxpayer clinic do?

If you have a question or problem with the IRS, we may be able to help you with your tax issues.  We provide free legal services to low income taxpayers with problems such as tax debts, Offer in Compromise, Innocent Spouse Relief, wage garnishments, liens and levies, EIC disallowances, audits, filing back tax returns, and Tax Court.  We also provide education and outreach to low income taxpayers and ESL taxpayers regarding taxpayers’ rights and responsibilities, financial literacy and empowerment, and referrals to agencies that can help those with tax problems.

Success Story

We assisted a client who owed $75,181.03 in back owed taxes. He was a professional sound technician and had been working for some time in Hawaii on a contract job for a couple of years. The client was being paid for living expenses while he was on the job and he understood the expenses that were paid were not his income and that his income would be paid later. In reality the money that was being paid to him was his income and not just living expenses. After the contract job completed, the client had to move back to the mainland to take care of his elderly parents. During that time the client would take sporadic contact jobs that would result in a private contractor (1099) income. He did not have the knowledge at the time to handle his quarterly estimates due to the IRS which exacerbated his growing tax liability. 

At the time that the client came to our clinic, he was still living with his mother in leisure world. The jobs that he had were not much to meet a decent standard of living. We submitted an Offer in Compromise for $150 to the IRS for the entire liability because there was no way our client would have the income potential to pay on this liability as a whole or in an installment agreement.  The IRS countered our offer for a lump sum payment of $400. Our client accepted this offer and now the burden of having to pay a $75k liability has been taken away and he now has a fresh start on his life.


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