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Moving Day

Stress really gets to some people.  When I was young(er) I thrived on it.  Stress got me through the day.  Then I got married, kids, mortgage, and now….well, stress has a way of changing your perspective. So, what stresses you out?  According to the Internet, there a number of things that stress people, such as: 1. Death of a spouse 100 2. Divorce 73 3. Marital separation 65 4. Imprisonment 63 5. Death of a close family member 63 6. Personal injury or...

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All things mold

Years ago, I lived in an apartment that abutted the freeway.  Nice place.  It had 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, a patio in the back and a 8X10 area of empty dirt that I used for my garden.  While we kept our apartment clean, some of our neighbors had not.  This was evident one day when all of a sudden we got a flood of mice running through our backyard area. Apparently, a neighbor had moved out and as they were cleaning their apartment, armies of mice were discovered and started fleeing when cupboards...

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The Temecula Law Resource Center at the Ronald H. Roberts Temecula Public Library hosted an on-going series “Help You Help Yourself” by the Riverside County Self Help attorneys. The topic was an orientation on evictions. The presenters were Nina Magno and Joanne Cuevas. Nina and Joanne were informative on the resources provided by the County. They made it clear they are neutral parties who help both landlord and tenants when it comes to evictions issues. They covered the material that can be...

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