Calling all Paralegals!

The Riverside County Law Library attracts people across the spectrum of legal research.  In the midst of it all are the Paralegals. They are responsible for a variety of tasks, and are monumental to the day-to-day success of an attorney.  Take a look at West’s Annotated California Business & Professions Code §6450, for the laws governing them.  Also, read some great information on the paralegal life, including salary information, from the Department of Labor.

Besides all the fabulous research materials we have, some may be of particular interest to the paralegal profession.  California Paralegal’s Guide, KFC 77 .M36, is a great tool that covers everything a paralegal would need to do a stellar job. It includes a substantial amount of informative content areas such as the Courts, legal calendaring, legal research, legal writing and pretrial procedures, to name a few.

Another great resource for paralegals and anyone interested in a thorough overview of civil litigation is the California Paralegal Manual Civil Procedure, KFC 995 .A1 C35 2014.  It demonstrates the process for the paralegal – from the role they play all the way to summary judgment and summary adjudication.

Also check out Looking Closely at the Role of Paralegals: The California, New Jersey, and Wisconsin Experiences (80 Michigan Bar Journal 56).  This article contains interesting information on what California, in particular, has proposed as to what level paralegals could practice law independently.  

A lot of good reading.  I’m even putting it on top of my reading list!


By rcll

October 31, 2014

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