Director’s Quarterly Update

2020 was a year like no other and I am happy to bid it farewell, along with it COVID19, hopefully. I am optimistic about year 2021 and whatever challenges we had to face and changes we had to make in 2020, can only make us stronger and more resilient to whatever the future brings.

While there are no new developments in the library since my October update other than the fact that we are continuing to make progress in the library’s HVAC and electrical systems upgrade and website redesign project. There will be a change of leadership on the library board. The Hon. Michele Levine has resigned from her position as Board President and has nominated the Hon. Jack Lucky as her successor. Fortunately, Judge Levine will continue to serve on the Board, as ex-officio member. She has vowed to stay on to help with the library construction project and see through its completion. In nominating Judge Lucky to the position of Board President, Judge Levine stated that Jack is smart, knowledgeable, well-connected, and active in the community. She knows that Judge Lucky is more than able to go forward and will effectively lead the law library.

Speaking of leadership, the event that happened a week ago at the U.S. Capitol was a harsh reminder for everyone who aspires to be a good leader about the serious responsibilities of public servant-leaders and how the words they utter matter. In the 30 years that I have worked in the law library field, I have seen, observed, and learned from leaders with whom I have the honor and privilege to work with, from lawyers and judges to law professors and law librarians. All share the same qualities of a good leader in that they genuinely care about the people they serve and the organization they represent, and they are conscious of the example they set for future generation of leaders. Their words do not ring hollow but are backed-up with actions that inspire those around them to do good work. Good work that has a lasting impact on the community and respectfully recognized long after their term expired. The Riverside County Law Library Board of Trustees share these qualities of good leadership. Their many years of service on the Board speaks volume of their strong commitment to serving the public and upholding the public trust.

I will be forever grateful for Judge Levine’s leadership, kindness, wisdom, integrity, and her clever sense of humor. To say that it has been a pleasure and an honor to serve on the Board during her tenure as President is truly an understatement.


By Victoria

January 13, 2021

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