May 2024 TLRC Lawyers in the Library: Family Law & Estate Planning

On Tuesday May 7th the Temecula Law Resource Center hosted its first Lawyers in the Library event of 2024! In partnership with the Ronald H. Roberts Temecula Public Library and lawyers from Shoup Legal and Grey Legal Group, the event reached over 30 patrons. The event started with a 1-hour presentation delivered by the attorneys on Estate Planning and Family Law. The Grey Legal Group covered divorce basics: key terminology, child and spousal support, and what to expect from the California Courts. Shoup Legal then addressed the importance of living trusts, powers of attorney, and the legal costs and consequences that can happen without proper planning. Both portions of the presentation were engaging and informative. Many participants took detailed notes and asked questions throughout.   

Following the presentation, the attorneys conducted free 20-minute legal consultations on the topics discussed above. Participants who made appointments in advance were able to sit down 1:1 with a lawyer and ask their specific questions. During this 3-hour part of the event, 20 patrons consulted with an attorney on their specific legal matter.  

Family Law and Estate Planning are two of the most common topics that concern patrons at the Temecula Law Resource Center. Many people do not have attorneys and plan to represent themselves in their divorce proceedings. Often, they have a few key questions they need to ask an attorney to keep their process moving forward. Other times, their situation is more complicated, and they would greatly benefit from a lawyer’s involvement. Additionally, many patrons are unaware of the importance of a living trust, do not know where to begin, are confused about a loved one’s current trust, are currently stuck in Probate Court, or have only ever received guidance from suspicious websites. In each of these situations, having access to a lawyer provided these patrons with meaningful support and reliable, trustworthy information. For many of the participants, this was the first opportunity they had to speak with a lawyer. Some attendees walked away with clear next steps, while others felt comfortable and ready to start working with an attorney on their case.  

The impact of the event has already been communicated and felt by both staff and patrons.  Many participants took time after the presentation or their consultation to inform Temecula staff members that the help they received was truly needed. Beyond expressing their gratitude, several people shared how helpful the information was, how talking with an attorney eased their stresses, and gave them confidence in their ability to make the right decisions. Attendees and patrons who passed by the event expressed interest in attending similar events in the future.  

The Temecula Law Resource Center is thankful for the lawyers who volunteered their time and services and for the Ronald H. Roberts Temecula Public Library for their support! Events like these are true collaborations and could not be organized without hard work put in by many individuals. For information on upcoming Lawyers in the Library events in Temecula, please follow our Instagram @rclawlibrary, check the Riverside County Law Library’s website event calendar, or reach out to us at  


Written by: Olivia Amezcua, TLRC Library Assistant


By rcll

May 31, 2024

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