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One of the great things about being a law Librarian in a law library is that I have access to THOUSANDS (that’s right, thousands) of legal resources to browse through.  Picture it: there’s everything from Animal Law to Zoning; Dog Law to Neighbor Law; Golf Law, Baseball Law, Equestrian Law, and Online Gaming Law.  Then, just the other day I was looking through our CEB collection and found one resource that was particularly interesting:  Professional Licensing: Disciplinary Practice in California.

To be honest, on first glance I thought this was a book about how to disbar an attorney.  Turns out, it covers darn near every professional license except attorneys in California like:


In fact, in Chapter 1, it covers the type of licensing actions and the overview of the general license discipline process.  Chapter 3 deals with Criminal Convictions (not how to get them but how a person who is being reviewed might deal with the fact that in their past life they had a criminal conviction and how it might impact their license).

By the time you get through Chapter 5 (Other Common Grounds for Discipline), you’re feeling pretty beat up thinking there is no hope for your future.  Then you hit Chapter 6 (Common Defenses) and you get a second wind.  Chapter 6 covers limitation of actions and laches, defenses related to Jurisdiction and Authority like

Defenses derived from criminal law such as

defenses derived from Federal civil law like

and Defenses derived from California Civil Law like

There is only one volume to this resource but it is packed tight with information.  A pretty good read if an agency has you in their sights or if you just want to bone up on agency disciplinary procedure.  Either way, Professional Licensing: Disciplinary Practice in California is on our shelves waiting for you when you need it/us.  Oh, and you have a great rest of the day!


By rcll

February 05, 2015

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