An Introduction to Trademark Law for Small Business Owners

At various stages of development, a small business owner may ask themselves – should I spend extra time and money on registering a trademark? The short answer is, well, “it depends.” On the one hand, a business may want to register a trademark for many reasons – a trademark can help establish your business brand, it can prevent other companies in overlapping regions from using your name [1], and it can save a substantial amount of cost (and headache) from a potential infringement action...

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LGBTQIA+ Folx: Why you (and everyone you know) should have an Advance Health Care Directive

In honor of PRIDE MONTH, Inland Counties Legal Services (ICLS), a nonprofit legal services organization serving Riverside and San Bernardino Counties, is offering free legal programming for the LGBTQIA+ community, including an Advance Health Care Clinic on June 8, 2023, connecting eligible people with an attorney to receive info and help with preparing an Advanced Health Care Directive (AHCD)—a legal document recording your wishes about medical treatment in case you become ill or unable to make...

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