Law Day 2014 Recap

Last Thursday,  40 people had the opportunity to hear Judge Jackson Lucky. Presiding Judge of the Family Law Court address the ABA ‘s Law Day Theme for 2014: American Democracy and the rule of Law:  Why Every Vote Matters.

Judge Lucky took the audience on an historical tour of the history of voting in America.   Our voting rights past can be said to be somewhat checkered.   He pointed out that Black men could not vote until 1870.  It took until 1920 for women to get the vote at all.  He pointed out that even though we may have a right, vigilance on all our parts is required to keep it. He reminded each of us that we must:
(1) be vigilant
(2) get out and vote (many important elections have been won or lost on 1 or 2 votes)
(3)  Hold our  government accountable. 
A vigilant citizenry is ever necessary.

Finally, he discussed what he believes the role of a Judge is.  By interpreting the constitution, the operation of due process and “protecting the minority from the tyranny of the majority” a Judge can keep justice alive.

Attendees, such as the Nuview Bridge Early College High School Mock Trial Team and their coaches Joshua D. Naggar, Esq. and Asst. Principal  Dr. Jasun Fowler, were engaged and informed.  We missed seeing you here and hope you will watch for our next program.   Look for us on our website, Facebook and Twitter.  Also, pay us a visit and let’s talk about all of the happenings here at the Library!


By rcll

May 05, 2014

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