Pro Bono Clinic

On Thursday, October 29 2015 from 10am-2pm the Temecula Public Library in conjunction with the Riverside County Law Library hosted a free legal clinic. The event was in celebration of National Pro Bono Week. The clinic was organized by the Temecula Law Resource Center.

We had an amazing turnout of 36 participants seeking legal help and 9 pro bono attorneys. The pro bono attorneys were local Temecula attorneys Daniel Ratajczak, Anita Milner, Allison Tilton, Marie Wood, Jeffrey Nickerson, Robin Johnson, Barak Berlin, Albert Wenzell and Stephen Darrow. We also had 3 volunteers Ming Lu, Suzanne Dombkowski Salihi and Amalia Wood. (First 100)

Most of the legal clinic participants were local residents who visit the Temecula Public Library. We also had participants who heard about the event from the Mary Phillips Senior Center, Murrieta Library and the Riverside County Law Library. Thank you for spreading the word about the free legal clinic.

Also, participants filled out a survey for the clinic. All the survey participants answered positively to the following questions: 1) Did you find the clinic helpful? 2) Was the attorney knowledgeable, informative? 3) Would you recommend the clinic to family or friends? Thank you to all the people who answered “Yes” to those questions. It really speaks volumes to the attorneys who participated in the clinic.

Lastly, 23 out of the 36 participants left comments on the surveys. All were positive and all were thankful for the opportunity to participate in the clinic. Some of the participants spoke of the clinic as being “immeasurably helpful” while another said the clinic was “very encouraging, helpful to have professional input.” Marie Wood was described as “wonderful” and Allison as “knowledgeable, personable and professional.” I could go on and on but the survey answers spoke volumes about the importance of Pro Bono services and being able to provide legal assistance to those in need in the community.

A big THANK YOU to the pro bono attorneys as well as the volunteers who without them this free legal clinic would not be possible.


By rcll

November 06, 2015

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