Help You Help Yourself

We get all kinds of questions at the Temecula Law Resource Center. People ask about family law, estate planning, landlord/tenant issues, you name it, people have asked it. While we’re not allowed to give legal advice, we are able to direct people to different resources whether it be a book resource, online resource or a legal aid/court service.  We’re a big believer in the need to inform yourself first about your legal issues.

Not long ago, we hosted a presentation titled “Help You Help Yourself” by the Family Law Facilitators. The topic was an orientation on family law issues. The presenters were Nina Magno and Joanne Cuevas.

Nina Magno and Joanne Cuevas were informative on the resources provided by the County. They covered the material that can be found on their website.  Nina spoke about another great resource for those trying to educate themselves in family law, the Sacramento Law Library. Also discussed the limitations of the Family Law Facilitators such as the inability to go into court with you.

The feedback from the people who attended the workshop was positive.  People were happy the Temecula Public Library and Riverside County Law Library were able to host such as important/informative class to the public. I want to thank Nina and Joanne for coming to the library and being able to present such an important topic to the topic and look forward to more events in the future.

As the Temecula Law Resource Center is always open to the public and is hosting programs on a near monthly basis (such as our last free legal clinic of the year), you never know what we have up and coming.  So, come on by and check us out if you or anybody you know has a legal concern or would like more information on a legal topic. 


By rcll

December 17, 2015

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