Elder Abuse Allegedly Strikes Marvel Co-Creator Stan Lee

While the Avengers: End Game continues to smash box office records and entertain millions across the world, fans are still adjusting to a Marvel Cinematic Universe without one its creator’s, Stan Lee. The iconic co-founder of Marvel Comics, Stan Lee built a modern media empire that began as a few lines of colorful comic strips. Given his immense fame, it came as a shock to fans when it was reported that Mr. Lee may have been subject to elder abuse towards the end of his life. Keya Morgan, a memorabilia collector, reportedly became close to Stan Lee in 2017 but was arrested for multiple counts of elder abuse. It is alleged that Morgan pocketed over $200,000 from autograph signing sessions from the iconic figure towards the end of his life and prevented friends and family from seeing Lee.

This story highlights the sad reality that elder abuse can strike anyone, regardless of your wealth or celebrity standing. From fraudulent behavior to outright physical violence, elder abuse is considered an especially heinous crime in California. Penal Code section 368(a) declared that “adults whose physical or mental disabilities or other limitations restrict their ability to carry out normal activities or to protect their rights, and adults admitted as inpatients to a 24-hour health care facility deserve special consideration and protection.” These protections create new criminal violations and sentence enhancements when convicted of elder abuse due to the complete lack of moral decency when such crimes are committed against a vulnerable population.

According to the U.S. Department of Justice, nearly 10% of elder adults will experience some form of elder abuse during a one year time period. Given the high rates of abuse, it is incumbent on everyone to be proactive in order to stop and report elder abuse. One method for stopping elder abuse is by utilizing retraining orders against the abuser. For example, Stan Lee’s daughter was awarded a restraining order against Morgan after she suspected abuse. This is step that you can take if you ever suspect abuse of a loved one. The California Court website lists the types of restraining orders that you can apply for in order to help out an elder in need. Even beloved celebrity icons are not safe from being taken advantage of and Stan Lee’s story should serve as an example of how elder abuse can affect anyone.

In Riverside County, Adult Protective Services offers 24-hour service that will respond to reports of abuse. You can reach them anytime at the link provided or at their number at 1-800-491-7123. Like every superhero that Stan Lee has ever created, the power to do good and stand up for the rights of vulnerable populations begins with you. While it is tragic to hear that a beloved icon may have been mistreated towards the end of his life, we can prevent the story from repeating itself.


By rcll

June 06, 2019

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