Lucy the Poinsettia

I’m proud of the work that my co-workers and I do here at the Indio Branch of the Riverside County Law Library.  Among other things, we help our patrons, maintain the facility, and troubleshoot (or pass onto the appropriate party) the six million issues that come up on a daily basis (I acknowledge the hyperbole).

One of the things that I am secretly proud of is the potted plant (I like to call her Lucy) that sits on the ledge of the front desk.

Lucy is such a beautiful poinsettia. Patrons frequently rub her leaves to determine whether or not she’s real.  There’s nothing fake about Lucy.  Apparently poinsettias do not last very long after Christmas (maybe it’s the sadness due to the departure of the holiday season).  Lucy has been situated on the ledge since before Christmas.  Four months.  A plant that we didn’t think would make it past MLK’s birthday will hopefully make it to Memorial Day and maybe onto Labor Day.

I’d like to say that we have a green thumb but there is no proof of that.  We just water her every other day or so.  Her persistent existence is a reminder that small efforts on a regular basis can yield great (beautiful) results. 

Lucy’s continued existence is an imperfect analogy for those patrons who we see in the law library on a regular basis- honing their skills with each visit, learning a little bit about the library with each question posed to the staff and increasing their knowledge with each law library program attended.  Small efforts on a regular basis can yield great results.

Maybe our persistent efforts will help Lucy bloom next Christmas.  Who knows what your legal research efforts will lead to?

 Interested in keeping your Lucy alive all year long?  Here’s a link on how to make it happen.  Interested in honing your legal research skills?  Visit the RCLL’s calendar where you can learn about the classes we hold for both attorneys and non-attorneys!  Good Luck!


By rcll

April 01, 2014

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