Sneaky. Very Sneaky, Indeed…

The other day I was talking with a friend of mine who was in a book club.  Seems she was on the prowl for a new book for her book club to dissect.  She was looking for something with BITE.  She wanted an intriguing murder mystery with a funny romantic espionage twist.  Well, I told her, I don’t know about, the romantic twist, but I’ve had just the ticket to help her club reach new heights with a resource I was updating just the other day called Criminal Defense Techniques (Lexis).

I could tell by her expression she was not all that wowed with my suggestion – so I began to elucidate on this treasure trove of all thing crimes and criminal.  In Chapter 4, instance, it talks about one of my favorite constitutional topics – Search and Seizure.  I mean, you gotta love the 4th amendment.  Heck, anyone who ever watched Jack Bauer and the 24 series knows all about how Jack violated the 4th amendment to get information he “needed” – which all lead to Chapter 4B and the Suppression of Illegally Obtained Evidence.  See, every time Jack Bauer did something, invariably he did with without taking into account ANYONE’s 4th amendment rights because, well….because he’s Jack Bauer!

The more I told my friend about Criminal Defense Techniques, the more she became interested – not so much about how it applied to her book club but how she could use the tools, tricks, and tips discussed therein.  In particular, she was most interested in Chapter 3 which talked about the art of Interrogation and Confession and Chapter 29 dealing with Alibi Evidence.  Seems she had a teenager that was giving her trouble and she was looking to extract some information about what her party hardy little girl had done a couple weeks past (seems also that she was not believing her daughter’s two girlfriends who vehemently corroborated daughter’s story that she had been at her friend’s their house for an “all girl” slumber party the entire weekend – yeah, likely story).

Anyway, maybe you’re looking for a good read or even just need something to help put your to sleep on those cold winter nights.  If so, head on over to the RCLL and let’s see what intriguing reads we can help you find!


By rcll

November 18, 2014

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