Bag and Tag the “Perfect” Christmas Tree

Are you interested in cutting your own Christmas tree this year?  Well, don’t cut it just yet!  There are some legal guidelines you must follow.

Sure, there are.  The first step is obtaining a permit through the forest you would like to search in. For example, if you want to snag a tree out of the San Bernardino County forest, you need a special Christmas Tree permit.  Who knew?  Contact your nearest forest district office for more details.

Once you obtain your permit, you aren’t clear to go just yet. Before you leave, there are some precautions you want to take into consideration. Just as you would prepare for any journey into the forest, you should carry supplies, water, and a first-aid kit. The supplies you should check off your list before you leave should include a map and a compass. Yes, be prepared to learn how to read a map.

With supplies in hand, you’ll also want to check the road and weather conditions before you leave.  No one wants to get caught in a winter storm so you should plan your trip (and attire) carefully. And DO NOT FORGET YOUR PERMIT. You will need your permit on you at all times while you are in the forest to show the forest ranger that you are legally able to cut down your perfect Christmas tree.

While you are searching for your perfect Christmas tree, there are a couple guidelines you should keep in mind:

  • Take a tree that is in a full area and is at least 200 feet from roads, recreation sites, and campgrounds
  • Do not take a tree that is next to any body of water
  • You can only take one tree from each tree tag (you can have up to 5 tags per household)
  • The tree you find cannot have a trunk more than six inches in diameter
  • Make sure and cut your tree anywhere from one to six inches off the ground

Woo Hoo, your tree is cut!  Now stick your tag on your tree and you are good to go!  Make sure and enjoy your new Christmas tree because you worked hard for it. Happy tree cutting!

P.S.  If all of this sounds too exhausting, skip the permit thing and go to any of the many tree farms in the Southern California area.  They have the permits, the supplies, and the know how to help you know that you’re getting the best tree for your buck.

 By: Domonique Abrantes, RCLL Intern


By rcll

November 30, 2016

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