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The total number of books in the Law Library’s collection is 42,742. This number includes 27,578 volumes in Riverside; 14,718 volumes in Indio and 446 volumes in Temecula. There were 1,411 items withdrawn from the collection by fiscal year end 2020  resulting from titles replaced with newer editions.

The Main Library contains the largest print collection which includes California, Federal, and national-scope law resources, as well as superseded and historical materials. It maintains a collection of local City and County codes and ordinances.

The library’s collection of practice materials is limited to California, Nevada and Arizona.

The Indio Branch has a collection of approximately 14,718 volumes of California and selected Federal materials. The collection in Indio, while it does not exactly duplicate the Main Library’s collection, consists of key print and electronic resources needed for effective legal research.

The Temecula Law Resource Center has a relatively small collection of about 446 volumes. The law books are housed in a designated Law Resources Collection within the general circulating collection of the Ronald H. Roberts Temecula Public Library. All materials are California-specific.

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