Pleading Paper

About Pleading Paper 

The term “pleading paper” is often used to describe the format of a document that is filed with the Court when a pre-made form is not available. If there is not a California or Local Court form to fit your situation, you will need to draft your own pleading or motion on pleading paper. The template located on the RCLL desktop is already pre-formatted to meet the requirements of California Rules of Court, rules 2.100, et. seq. 

There are typed examples of what information belongs on the document as a place holder. You will need to delete the generic information and replace it with information specific to you. Do not change the spacing on the first page of the document. Remember it is pre-formatted to meet court requirements. 

  • Your name must start on line 1
  • The Court name and location must start on line 8
  • The caption of the case must start on line 11
  • You must have a footer with the title of the document
  • After the caption (the box with the name of the Plaintiff/Respondent) you can use the space as needed, using double spacing


  1. Locate or open the Pleading_Paper link on the RCLL desktop or website
  2. Save the document to your own USB flash drive
  3. Make changes as necessary to tailor the template to you and your specific circumstances

Please Note: The information presented in this information sheet is intended to provide information over a particular subject. For information pertaining to your case please consult with an attorney, court facilitator or specialist.


This guide is also available on our website using_pleading_paper_20200229.pdf

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