MCLE Self-Study Materials

MCLE Express Service checkout starting April 14, 2021

Offered Wednesdays 9am-4pm at our Riverside and Indio locations.

1. What is the MCLE Express Service?
a. It’s a service that offers MCLE self-study kit checkouts once a week to valid library card holders. The service is being offered at Riverside and Indio on Wednesdays from 9am-4pm.
2. Who can use the MCLE express service?
a. Members of the California State Bar that reside or practice in Riverside County or Riverside County active and retired judges
3. How can I get a library card?
a. By filling out Library_Card_Application_fillable and emailing it or
4. How many items can I check out?
a. You can check out one MCLE kit at a time
5. How long do the MCLEs checkout for?
a. One week
6. Can I renew my MCLE?
a. Yes, from February 1 to October 31, you can renew twice by calling Riverside or Indio and giving staff your library card number.
7. Are there overdue fees?
a. $1.00 once a week
8. How do I place a hold?
a. View this document 
9. How many holds can I place at a time?
a. You can place 5 holds at a time
10. How do I pick up a MCLE
a. Watch this video and come to the library on Wednesdays. Please wear a mask when picking up your hold.
11. How do I return items?
a. Come to the library on Wednesdays, call staff to tell them you have a return, and leave your MCLE on the cart out by the front doors.
12. How do I get my MCLE credit?
a. When you come to return the MCLE kit, staff will leave the MCLE credit slip on the cart where you drop off the kit.

MCLE Digital Checkout

“Check out” a copy of a Digital MCLE from RCLL. Files will be sent via email with a certificate of attendance, an audio file, and a PDF. Digital MCLE’s are only available for self study credit to RCLL library card holders.  You can request 2 titles at a time and checkout 4 per month.
Request a copy of a Digital MCLE here



*There are no checkouts at this time due to our public closure.

Our Main Library and Indio Branch have self-study materials available for check-out with a library card.

Riverside MCLE_Inventory_List_

Indio MCLE_Inventory_List

Who can apply for a library card?

  • Members of the California State Bar that reside or practice in Riverside County
  • Riverside County active and retired judges

How many items can I check out?

  • One item at a time
  • Loan period- 1 week
  • Overdue items charged $1.00 per day




We are a State Bar approved MCLE provider. Programs are scheduled every year throughout Riverside County that offer participatory MCLE credit. Take a look at our events calendar for upcoming programs.

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