Parking Lot

Riverside Parking

The parking lot located adjacent to the law library requires a special permit. Vehicles without a permit will be towed at owner’s expense. 

Daily Parking: Parking space numbers 18 thru 26 are reserved for daily parking only. You can purchase a daily parking permit for $8.00 at the information desk inside the library.

Monthly Parking: To purchase a monthly parking permit, complete the 2 application forms below (Parking Application and Parking Agreement) and return them to the information desk inside the library, or email them to A library staff member will contact you if a spot is available. 

Parking Application fillable form

Parking Agreement fillable form

The City of Riverside also provides metered parking on the street. For more information about street parking please visit:

  • Downtown Metered Area: 
    • $1.25 each 30 minutes
    • $2.00 per hour
  • Justice Center Metered Area:
    • $2.00 per hour

Indio Parking

Four hours of free parking per day.

Temecula Parking

Lot is open, free and untimed.

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