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Can I have it back, please?!

February is right around the corner and as Valentine’s Day approaches, many feel stirred to make the ultimate romantic gesture and propose to their loved one. An engagement ring can be a great way to celebrate Valentine’s Day, and it frees the giver from having to think of another gift so soon after the holidays. These romantic symbols are most often a starting point to a long and happy marriage; but sometimes the stars are crossed and a frequently researched question at the Riverside County Law...

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Everything you need in one place

At the Riverside County Law Library, we try to provide help to every patron who comes through our door. Occasionally, we also receive questions from the public over the phone. These calls often serve as scouting missions that provide us with the opportunity to explain the resources which our library has to offer. I was recently called by a gentleman who had become frustrated in his attempts to print a section of the penal code at home. He complained that he had tried several sites but the printed...

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Skateboarding at the Library

A few weeks ago, a skateboard rider flew off the concrete border in front of the Law Library steps and almost hit a patron who had just stepped out of the building.   As I was yelling (at these skaters to watch out for my patrons and demanded for the third time that they leave), I remembered my broken tooth.  See, when I was 13 years old, I remember when my brother got his new orange (plastic), skateboard,  One day I hopped on my brother’s new orange plastic skateboard and zoomed off across the...

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It’s all here for you

The other day as I was getting my law librarian groove on, a guy comes up to me and announces that never in a million years did he ever think he would ever be found in a law library.  General, public libraries?  Oh, yeah – all the time, day and night…but a law library?!  Never.  Turns out once upon a time guy was driving down the road and the road turned into a toll road (no, this wasn’t a dream sequence).  Not having any pocket change, guy proceeds to speed past the toll gates....

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