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Freedom only goes so far

Rarely do things in the legal world surprise me, anymore.  Disbelief, maybe, but not surprise.  Take, for instance the case of U.S. v. Osinger.  Seems Mr. Osinger and the love of his life had a falling out, after only 9 months, and she left him.  Seems Mr. Osinger didn’t like that and begged her to come back.  He didn’t just beg her, he texted her, he “threatened” to post pictures of her on the Internet, he, well, he was a real pain in her backside and he continued to be...

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Transparency In Government – Can It Be A Reality?

Have you ever wondered what transparency in government really means?  Is it really possible?  In an age when massive amounts of information are being gathered and tabulated about ordinary citizens, Americans need to know what  the Government is doing and why.  According to  Random House Webster’s College Dictionary, transparency is defined as, the quality or state of being transparent, something transparent, esp.….some translucent substance, made visible by light shining through from behind… Easily...

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