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National Law Day – 2019 Wrap-Up

I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who made our year’s National Law Day celebrations possible. From our esteemed speakers to our amazing patrons, thank you for coming out and taking part in honoring the role of law in our society. This year’s theme was “Free Speech, Free Press, and Free Society,” which resounded throughout our events. There is a reason why Free Speech was first amongst our numbered amendments (hopefully it just wasn’t a typo). In the age where your privacy and your...

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National Law Day – Judicial Independence Panel Discussion

In honor of National Law Day, our library will be holding a judicial panel discussion with three esteemed justices from the Fourth Court of Appeal and two Riverside County Superior Court judges about the role of judicial independence in a politically divided society. But what is judicial independence and what shape does it take in the California judicial system? Judicial independence allows our judicial officers the ability to do their jobs without external influences. Let’s just say that the...

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You Really (really) Need to Read This

More and more, these days, is the instance where someone will come into the library asking for a book that talks about how to get out of a contract for the sale of a car or a boat or a gym membership.  What often happen is that a person entered into the agreement and but failed to read the fine print.  What is fine print?  A light-hearted Chipotle Mexican Grill offer is a fun read (in 4 point type): Offer valid only at participating locations, which in this case means all locations.  Not to be...

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When is the 4th Amendment not the 4th Amendment

Have you ever been mistaken for being someone else?  Maybe you look like a famous celebrity and everyone stops you on the street.  For a long time, I have been mistaken for being Rick O’Cassic (lead singer for the 80’s band The Cars).  Sure, it’s all fun and games and I was able to get a little mileage out of it – but I was never incarcerated because I looked like someone else – like poor Santiago Ibarra Rivera.  Who is Santiago Ibarra Rivera, you ask?  Well, let...

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