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All that Glitters

Picture it.  You’re writing (or about to start writing) a legal document and all of a sudden you get writers block.  What do you do?  Well, if you’re like me, you go take a nap or order up a pizza and drink a liter of root beer.  If pizza and root beer isn’t your thing, maybe you might just head on over to their local county law library for a change of place. Thing is most county law libraries in southern California provide access to either (or both) Westlaw or Lexis for the...

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It’s about time

Let’s face it, law and legal stuff can be pretty scary, sometimes.   Take the young lady who came into our library.  Seems she had been sued for a breach of contract.  A while back.  Seems she didn’t know about the awesomeness of her local county law library (i.e. the RCLL) so she pulled a response from somewhere off the Internet and filed it. You can imagine her surprise and chagrin when, 30 days later, she was served with a demurrer to her answer.  Wait, what?!  Can the plaintiff...

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Electronic Evidence in Small Claims Court

Small Claims Court provides you with a faster and cheaper alternative to other forms of litigation.  The hearings remain informal by forbidding attorney representation and relaxing rules of evidence in order to allow you to present your case in the simplest way possible.    As a result, Small Claims judges tend to allow evidence that would not be allowed in a normal trial. However, while the judge may allow a piece of evidence she must still weigh its credibility.  To put it simply, if the judge...

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