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Gonna get you

Years ago, I was walking down the street when I heard a loud bang on the street.  Turned out that two cars had collided and, as it turned out, one of the drivers was a person I knew.  Standing looking at the accident, Person saw me and asked if I had seen what had happened.  No, I hadn’t, and said so.  Weeks went by and while lounging at home a I heard a knock on the door and was greeted by my friendly neighborhood process server who served me a subpoena to appear in court. Seems Person...

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Bon Appetit

So, I’m grazing the recent news offerings and, catching my attention, I see an article entitled, “10 chef secrets: What happens to bread, and what not to order and more.”  Some of the main points included bread not eaten is often passed on to another table, many chefs follow the 5-second rule (ick), chicken and pasta dishes are the most over priced, cockroaches abound in most restaurants, the special isn’t, vegetarian dishes aren’t, and chefs often times do nasty...

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Using “smart” devices are not so smart: a recap of the 2016 AALL Annual Conference and Meeting

Do you own a Fitbit?  For those who are unfamiliar, is a physical activity device that records your physical condition, how many miles you walked, your blood pressure and other personal stuff like that. Now supposed you were in an accident suing for millions saying that you couldn’t work or get out of bed.  Imagine, then, if opposing counsel were to serve you with a subpoena demanding that you turn your Fitbit over for examination (to prove that you, are in fact, unable to move around).  Think...

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