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Law School Basics

Whether you’ve been dreaming of being a lawyer for years now or you’re just now considering if a career in law might be the right choice for you, this guide will give you foundational knowledge of need-to-know information on getting into law school.  What do I need to major in? Some good news: you can major in any field and apply to law school. Additionally, there are no prerequisite courses you need to take in your undergraduate years, unlike applicants for, say medical schools, who must take...

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The more you do the better you get

Once upon a time, I was attending a law Librarian conference.  As I was perusing the offerings of the various vendors I stopped in front of the CEB table.  Seems CEB had a few offering (one of which I was familiar with) and I was interested in what Suzanne Smith (our vivacious CEB Representative) had to say.  Standing next to me at the CEB table was the Director of a well-known Southern California law school law library.  Seems Director was only slightly interested in CEB’s offerings because,...

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