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Elder Abuse Allegedly Strikes Marvel Co-Creator Stan Lee

While the Avengers: End Game continues to smash box office records and entertain millions across the world, fans are still adjusting to a Marvel Cinematic Universe without one its creator’s, Stan Lee. The iconic co-founder of Marvel Comics, Stan Lee built a modern media empire that began as a few lines of colorful comic strips. Given his immense fame, it came as a shock to fans when it was reported that Mr. Lee may have been subject to elder abuse towards the end of his life. Keya Morgan, a memorabilia...

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Leave Granny Alone!

Once a person asked  me why I work at a law library.  As he put it, “It must be the most boring place in the world!”  Turns out, it is the most dichotomous career I know of which makes being a Law Librarian a vibrant, interesting and most rewarding gig in existence because you never know what’s going to happen next.  For instance,  the other day as I was working the reference desk, a young lady came into our law library in seeking assistance to avoid jail having been charged...

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Elder Abuse Symposium: The Many Resources around Us

On June 24, library personnel had the privilege of attending the second annual Elder Abuse Symposium at the Moreno Valley Conference and Recreation Center.  This enlightening symposium was organized by the Riverside County Department of Public Social Services (“DPSS”) Adult Services Division and Moderated by Mary Parks, Television personality and Senior Information Specialist with DPSS.  After an address by County CEO Jay Orr,  representatives of multiple county agencies that support...

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