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A New World For Selfies

When I first saw this picture, I couldn’t resist reading further.  What a face! How precious! I then got deeper into the story and the copyright issues involved, and the story became fascinating.  Issue:  In 2011, a monkey on an Indonesian island, allegedly took a selfie. Who owns the copyright? Some background on the three sides involved: First, PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) filed a suit in a California Federal Court.  It is looking for an order to have the proceeds of...

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Oldies but Goodies

In a recent delivery to our Indio Branch, a small yet powerful paperback arrived.  It was The Constitutions of California and the United States, Ref. KFC 679.U55. Yes, you can find the US and California Constitutions online, but there is nothing like grabbing this little book and taking a walk through time.  This book contains a chronological stroll through some of the most important documents ever written, in one easy to read paperback. Starting with the the Magna Carta (1215), this document...

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You Really (really) Need to Read This

More and more, these days, is the instance where someone will come into the library asking for a book that talks about how to get out of a contract for the sale of a car or a boat or a gym membership.  What often happen is that a person entered into the agreement and but failed to read the fine print.  What is fine print?  A light-hearted Chipotle Mexican Grill offer is a fun read (in 4 point type): Offer valid only at participating locations, which in this case means all locations.  Not to be...

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