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More Forms than you can Count!

Believe it or not, our Indio branch gets a number of interesting (and fun) reference questions.  In fact, I had a patron walk into the library the other day upset over having just lost his case on a traffic infraction and he seemed to be overwhelmed by the entire appeals processes. I tried handing him the Nolo book on fighting traffic tickets but that seemed to be overwhelming, as well.  Then I referred him to the courts website (at http://www.courts.ca.gov/formnumber.htm) where he could search...

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We’ve got that

I don’t know if you know but did you know that the top three questions at most any county law library are Were are the bathrooms? Where are the copiers? Where are the forms that are related to ….? It is to this third question I dedicate this blog.  See, I got a phone call today asking if we had forms to create a limited liability company.  Thing is, we don’t have forms just laying around.  You (meaning whomever is looking) have to look for it/them.  OK, we don’t...

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Tax Season: How We Help

Tax season, it sneaks up on you. For several years our Main Library has been providing print tax forms and instruction booklets courtesy of the IRS and the State of California.  Guaranteed every January we start receiving calls asking for tax forms and we have learned we’re one of the only places for miles that still carry them.  Sadly, this year the IRS has drastically cut down on the print materials they are sending us. We will only be receiving IRS forms; all instruction booklets will need...

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