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Lives Change @ your Library

From the Dead Sea Scrolls to the great library in antiquity at Alexandria to the medieval Book of Kells that monks preserved; from the Revolutionary War pamphleteers to the e-books of our day, libraries have played a part in our lives and the lives of people. who raise money to build them, catalog their contents, and make them available for all to use. In 1957 the American Library Association and the American Book Publishers Council came up with the idea of a National Library Week. Even though...

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Lucy the Poinsettia

I’m proud of the work that my co-workers and I do here at the Indio Branch of the Riverside County Law Library.  Among other things, we help our patrons, maintain the facility, and troubleshoot (or pass onto the appropriate party) the six million issues that come up on a daily basis (I acknowledge the hyperbole). One of the things that I am secretly proud of is the potted plant (I like to call her Lucy) that sits on the ledge of the front desk. Lucy is such a beautiful poinsettia. Patrons frequently...

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