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Exploring the Past at the Library

The Riverside County Law Library is a place many history buffs might never think to go. In fact, all three of our locations offer a wonderful variety of historic documents and information that would be appealing whether or not you have a particular interest in the law. Both our Indio and Riverside branches offer the book History and Directory of Riverside County 1893-94. This is a great little book; giving descriptions of settlements within the county in the last decade of the 1800s complete...

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This Day in History- The National Historic Preservation Act

On October 15th, 1966, the United States promised its citizens that the government would take steps to ensure that historical buildings and structures would be protected for our posterity. This promise came in the form of the National Historic Preservation Act. The act outlines that federal agencies will review any federally funded projects to evaluate a potential impact on nearby historic properties. The act also created the National Register of Historic Places, the list of National Historic...

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Lives Change @ your Library

From the Dead Sea Scrolls to the great library in antiquity at Alexandria to the medieval Book of Kells that monks preserved; from the Revolutionary War pamphleteers to the e-books of our day, libraries have played a part in our lives and the lives of people. who raise money to build them, catalog their contents, and make them available for all to use. In 1957 the American Library Association and the American Book Publishers Council came up with the idea of a National Library Week. Even though...

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