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So, we meet again

I really don’t like Google.  Well, it’s not so much that I don’t like Google as a company so much as it is what it has done to the legal system.  Well, it’s not so much what it’s done to the legal system as it has done to the people who relied solely on Google to supply their legal pleadings.  Time after time I have people come to me complaining about stupid judges who granted demurrers against them when all they did was use the complaint (or answer) they found on...

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You Really (really) Need to Read This

More and more, these days, is the instance where someone will come into the library asking for a book that talks about how to get out of a contract for the sale of a car or a boat or a gym membership.  What often happen is that a person entered into the agreement and but failed to read the fine print.  What is fine print?  A light-hearted Chipotle Mexican Grill offer is a fun read (in 4 point type): Offer valid only at participating locations, which in this case means all locations.  Not to be...

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The Internet is a Trap

A problem with the Internet age is that people seem to think that if they didn’t find it on the Internet, it’s not worth using.   More to the point, if they can’t find it on Google.com, then it isn’t worth searching.  The problem with this is that, as with most things, you get what you pay for.  It’s sad, then, that people have to keep thumping their heads upside the proverbial wall whenever they have to file anything legal.  Too often I have people coming up to...

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