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What A Lemon

Most everyone knows that the Lemon Law is intended to protect a new car buyer from a defective car and their rights to either return it or have it fixed. But did you know that this law also applies to some electronics! The Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act (a.k.a. Lemon Law), provides protection to consumers for electronics purchased for over $100.00.  The manufacturers have to provide spare parts for up to 7 years, regardless of warranty. An interesting example: A man’s child sent a toy flying...

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The more you do the better you get

Once upon a time, I was attending a law Librarian conference.  As I was perusing the offerings of the various vendors I stopped in front of the CEB table.  Seems CEB had a few offering (one of which I was familiar with) and I was interested in what Suzanne Smith (our vivacious CEB Representative) had to say.  Standing next to me at the CEB table was the Director of a well-known Southern California law school law library.  Seems Director was only slightly interested in CEB’s offerings because,...

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