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National Law Day – Judicial Independence Panel Discussion

In honor of National Law Day, our library will be holding a judicial panel discussion with three esteemed justices from the Fourth Court of Appeal and two Riverside County Superior Court judges about the role of judicial independence in a politically divided society. But what is judicial independence and what shape does it take in the California judicial system? Judicial independence allows our judicial officers the ability to do their jobs without external influences. Let’s just say that the...

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Celebrating the Magna Carta

Be honest.  What do you remember about the Magna Carta?  Before conducting a little research, all I remembered was that: It was a document; It guaranteed some sort of rights (I wasn’t sure which ones); and It hailed from Britain. That was it: My repertoire included 3 whole facts about the Magna Carta. I imagine most people, at least in the US, know about the same regarding that auspicious document. Should we care?  Well, that is a question we must...

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Law Day 2014 at the RCLL

If you didn’t know, Thursday, May 1, 2014 was Law Day at the Riverside County Law Library.  As part of the festivities, Judge Jackson Lucky was our keynote speaker.  Judge Lucky’s presentation on voting rights and the importance of exercising your right to vote was both informative and very interesting. He mentioned that often times, especially for young people, that the sentiment that every vote counts seems quite far fetched. Some questions that Judge Lucky fleshed out were how can...

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