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Whose Dance is this?

For those of you not familiar with some of my past blogs, I took a liking to a story about a macaque who lived in Indonesia. The monkey allegedly took a selfie and from there ensued a three-year legal struggle as to whether non-human animals could legally own copyrights to photographs. If you’d like to catch up with these stories, please read the blogs from: May 2018: Part 3; November 2016: Part 2; October 2015: Part 1. The reason I bring up these past blogs is that when I read about the...

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It’s about time

Let’s face it, law and legal stuff can be pretty scary, sometimes.   Take the young lady who came into our library.  Seems she had been sued for a breach of contract.  A while back.  Seems she didn’t know about the awesomeness of her local county law library (i.e. the RCLL) so she pulled a response from somewhere off the Internet and filed it. You can imagine her surprise and chagrin when, 30 days later, she was served with a demurrer to her answer.  Wait, what?!  Can the plaintiff...

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You need it, We’ve got it

One of the things I like to do, as a law Librarian, is to peruse the book stacks here at the Riverside County Law Library.  Many times I’ll see things I’ve never seen before and, when I have the chance, I’ll read through some of our many offerings (you know, to keep up on the latest goings on).   This morning, as I was working on a research project for a library patron, I happened to glance over at O’Brien’s Evaluator.  O’Brien’s is a kind of like a crystal...

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You want how much???

Seems sometime actor Sean Penn is seeking ten million dollars against some director (Lee Daniels) for an off-sided comment.  Seems Mr. Penn is tired of playing the victim and wants to live a quiet life.  Seems that in order to live the quiet life, Mr. Penn’s lawyer has to paint a picture showing how victimized Mr. Penn is/has become.  As far as complaints go, this one is a doozy.  Don’t take my word for it, the first few paragraphs of the complaint read like a soap opera: As a result...

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Brace for Impact

The other day, as I was sitting in Southern California traffic, I glanced over at a large dump truck and its driver.  Seems driver had failed to set the parking brake on his 70 ton monster.  Driver leapt out of the truck (which was perched near the bottom end of a hill) onto the pavement below with the truck still moving forward (slowly at first). Really, I don’t know what was going through the drivers mind as he walked away from the truck (now moving faster).  By the time the driver realized...

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