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Look into my Crystal Ball

When I was a (younger) kid many moons ago, I remember going to the county fair.  One of the booths housed Madame Mousee (pronounced Moo Say).  The thing that caught my attention was her crystal ball.  Didn’t understand the cards or palm reading but that crystal ball really captivated me.  As I stared at it, the ball started to glow and Madame Mousee told me that for $3, she could tell my future.  Sure, why not.  10 minutes later (and $3 poorer), she told me the “spirits” told...

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Nuisance and Civil Litigation

One of my first jobs out of college was working as a clerk in the Riverside County Court System.  I primarily worked in the civil department in which I would file documents and then uploaded them to the web.  One of the guilty pleasures was reading the complaints.  A complaint is the initial pleading in a civil case.  It starts the ground work for a civil case for which someone or some entity, the plaintiff has been harmed and they wish to receive damages from the injuring party, the defendant. Complaints...

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