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Moving Day

Stress really gets to some people.  When I was young(er) I thrived on it.  Stress got me through the day.  Then I got married, kids, mortgage, and now….well, stress has a way of changing your perspective. So, what stresses you out?  According to the Internet, there a number of things that stress people, such as: 1. Death of a spouse 100 2. Divorce 73 3. Marital separation 65 4. Imprisonment 63 5. Death of a close family member 63 6. Personal injury or...

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Mine Today, Yours Tomorrow

Few things bother me more that when people come up to me asking about “squatter’s rights.”  I don’t know.  Maybe it’s because I own a home and the thought of coming home after a vacation and seeing someone sitting in my castle – well, that’s really annoying.  Anyway, when I first heard that term “squatter,” I didn’t really know what it was so after a little bit of researching I find that nowadays, it is referred to the more recognizable...

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