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Technology Competency in Legal Practice

For the record, I am not a technophobe, but I sometimes feel like a technosaur.  That feeling is not uncommon in the legal field.  Until a couple of years ago, most articles about law and technology were about how the legal field is slow to adopt technology. As much as it might be true that the legal field was slow on the uptake, I think it’s equally true that now we are working hard to make up for lost time.  From the use of Artificial Intelligence to conduct legal research to chatbots that...

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Ross- The A.I. Lawyer

Artificial intelligence is making its entrance into the legal world with the introduction of Ross, advertised as “Your Brand New Artificially Intelligent Lawyer.” Developed by law and computer science students of the University of Toronto, Ross promises to streamline your legal research process so you can “[find] your answers from the law in seconds”. However, the simplicity of Ross’ description does not account for the many questions and concerns it elicits. There are questions of Ross’ legality...

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Tech Tip: Personal Cybersecurity- Securing Your Passwords

Managing the security of our personal and professional information is a daily process for many of us. This doesn’t imply that organizing and keeping track of passwords, ids, and other various forms of authentication is a straightforward endeavor, however.  One of the golden rules of password management is never replicating the same password across all of the websites and devices we use. If we follow that rule, how do we efficiently keep track of all those passwords? This is just a reminder that...

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