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All I want for Christmas is…peace of mind

Many moons ago when I was young(er), my folks always had me write up a wish list for Santa.  Every year, my brother and I would pour over that list, looking through the Sears Catalog for toys we thought we’d like to have, spend hours drafting the perfect letter to Santa, and then giving the letter to my parents to mail to Santa.  Yet, every #%@#^@#%$!@$ year, we never got what we asked for.  How is it Santa could get it so wrong every single year?!?  Socks?!?  Underwear?!!!? Pajamas?!??!! ...

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Librarians know it all

Have you ever had the experience where you find yourself standing somewhere and you can’t remember why you’re standing there?  See, the other day, I was helping no less than 8 people find things simultaneously (no chance of confusion, there).  Suddenly, I looked up and found myself standing in a isle devoted to all things intellectual property and I whilst holding Volume 6 of Nimmer on Copyright.  Thing is, I could have sworn I was helping someone find something about landlord tenant...

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Coulda, Shouda, Woulda

Life is sure full of regrets.  I mean have you ever needed to do a thing but you decided you didn’t have the time or the inclination?  Maybe the issue wasn’t that you were too tired but that it was too much of a hassle to do the thing the right way because, you thought, how hard can it be to do it the way you want it done and when you want it completed? Such was the thought coursing through the mind of a young man we had in here the other day who was looking to sue his landlord for...

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See the trees

What scares you?  Horror movies?  Scary stories around a camp fire?  Those viral videos where the screen is picturesque and then a scary face pops up (I sent one to my boss and she swore vengeance upon my soul)?  Turns out people are equally terrified of law libraries.  Well, not the building, per se, but having to do research in the building.  Good thing your friendly neighborhood law Librarian is waiting there to help you see the forest for the trees (or, in this case, find the resources you...

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