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Keep Your Thumbs on the Wheel

Governor Brown has signed a number of bills to take effect on January 1, 2017. One such bill is Assembly Bill 1785 which has been added to the existing Vehicle Code 23123.5. This new bill will further restrict the use of mobile devices while driving. While we all know at this point that it is against the law to use a mobile device to talk or text while driving, this law expands restrictions to include the holding and operating of a mobile device while driving. And yes, this means no more selfies...

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It’s all here for you

The other day as I was getting my law librarian groove on, a guy comes up to me and announces that never in a million years did he ever think he would ever be found in a law library.  General, public libraries?  Oh, yeah – all the time, day and night…but a law library?!  Never.  Turns out once upon a time guy was driving down the road and the road turned into a toll road (no, this wasn’t a dream sequence).  Not having any pocket change, guy proceeds to speed past the toll gates....

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