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February 24, 2022

Resumption of Jury Trials

The order suspending jury trials (General Order NO.: 2022-16) expires Friday, February 25, and will not be renewed. Therefore, jury trials will resume on Monday, February 28, 2022. Additionally, General Order No.: 2022-16 limited courtroom access to parties and others participating in proceedings, and required 6 feet of distance among those within a courtroom. These orders will also lapse and will not be renewed at this time.

Finally, the prior orders which require all persons, including judicial officers, to wear a face covering when inside a court facility remain in place (General Order NO.: 2021-29 & General Order NO.: 2021-32). These orders will be revisited as our infection rate continues to drop and CDC guidelines evolve.


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February 24, 2022


Effective March 7, 2022, the Riverside County Superior Court will transition from Webex to the Zoom platform for remote appearances in all case types countywide.

The court is transitioning to Zoom as the video and audio quality are significantly better, court customers are often more familiar with Zoom in their everyday lives, and Zoom is more cost effective for the court.

Zoom is a secure environment. Zoom can be accessed through a computer, tablet, telephone, cellphone, or other electronic or communications device. The new Zoom telephone numbers and meeting ID numbers for the Riverside County Superior Court departments will be listed on the court’s website under the Remote Appearance page at

PROJECT GRADUATE – Educational Representatives Needed for Project Graduate

Do you like helping teenagers? Do you like to work with at-risk youth? Do you like to advocate for foster children? Do you want to make a difference in someone’s life? Are you looking for a meaningful opportunity to give back to foster youth? If you answered yes to at least one of these questions, we need you!

Educational representatives are needed to help guide struggling foster students on a path to graduation. Educational representatives are not required to be attorneys or affiliated legal professionals working for attorney members of RCBA, although we do prefer some affiliation with RCBA. No experience is required to be an educational representative.

Interested individuals go through a background check from the County of Riverside and/or the Riverside County Office of Education, which can take up to six months to complete. After passing the background check, the educational representative completes a one-day training provided by RCBA.

The educational representative is assigned the educational rights of the struggling foster student who is currently in high school, attends educational meetings with the assigned student at school, and advocates for the student.

If you would like to be an educational representative, or have any questions, please contact L. Alexandra Fong, Chair of the Project Graduate Steering Committee, at (951) 358-4737 or

Here is background information about Project Graduate.

Upcoming MCLE Events


Updated Regularly as RCBA announces new events.

Click here to view the RCBA calendar of events for more information

Library of Congress Law Legal Research Institute

The Library of Congress is offering webinars on a variety of legal research topics. Visit their website for a list of courses and more information.

Link: Library of Congress: Law Legal Research Institute

Office of County Counsel Volunteer Program

The Riverside County’s Office of County Council Volunteer Program offers unpaid student internships and volunteer opportunities at one of its four office locations on a year-round basis. Volunteers are provided the opportunity to explore different areas of law and develop skills to become valuable legal contributors to the local community by working closely with the civil public law attorneys and paralegals.

Visit their website for more information and steps on how to apply.

Desert Bar Association Events

The Desert Bar Association hosts events through out the year. Visit their website to get more information about becoming a member, to learn about the many opportunities to connect with other legal professionals in the community, and complete MCLE credit hours.

Visit the Desert Bar Association website to view their calendar, and for more information on upcoming events

Riverside Superior Court Announcements & Updates


For up to date information on hours of operation of Riverside County Superior Court location please click here. For more information please visit the Court’s COVID-19 Court Operations website.
From the Court’s website: While Riverside County is under the California Department of Public Health’s (CDPH) (Regional Stay at Home Order) (external site pdf ), the Riverside Superior Court is exempt from the order. California Courts are part of the Essential Workforce (Government Operations and other community-based essential functions). If you have a scheduled hearing (either in-person or telephonic) you should still appear. In order to help protect against spread of the virus, the Riverside Superior Court has issued an order (General Order 2020-69) (pdf ) to immediately suspend jury trials that have not commenced. If you have been summoned for jury service, please check your status before reporting.


Up to date information on the Riverside Court’s response to the Covid-19 crisis is available on the Court’s website.

For past news releases click here, and for current information please visit the court websites directly at these links:

Riverside Court Self-Help Center Services

Riverside Courts Self-Help current services available

Effective immediately: You are encouraged to call or email the self-help center for self-help services in Family Law, Civil or Probate matters.

SelfHelp@Riverside.Courts.Ca.Gov 951-274-4499 or 760-393-2163

Staff are able to:
✓Explain what it means for litigants to be their own attorney.
✓ Provide links to forms and answer specific questions.
✓ Provide legal information.
✓ Explain the court process/procedures.

Click here for more Details and en Español

Click here for info on the Self-Help Info Centers & a list of upcoming virtual workshops

For more information on the Court’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, please visit the COVID-19 Court Operations website.

Riverside County Bar Association


The Riverside County Bar Association hosts MCLEs and other events throughout the year. Visit their website to get more information about becoming a member, to learn about the many opportunities to connect with other legal professionals in the community, and complete MCLE credit hours.

Visit the Riverside County Bar Association website to view their calendar, and for more information on upcoming events.

California Alliance of Paralegal Associations 

CAPA is a statewide alliance that provides leadership in promoting education, voluntary examination, and advancement of the paralegal profession. 

Visit the CAPA website to learn more about the paralegal profession and regional paralegal associations. 

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